Special drive to issue licences today to auto drivers

50,000 autos are playing in the district and 700 people lost lives due to auto accidents

Visakha City, February 16, 2017

The Transport Department has decided to issue licence based on a self-declaration provided he/she meets the other norms. The Regional Transport Authority (RTA) launched a special drive last week and issued licences to 1,100 auto drivers in the district and one more drive is being conducted from 8am to 8pm on February 18. According to RTA sources, the applicant should be already holding a personal driving licence under non-transport category for at least one year and should be 20 year of age as per regulations in for issue of commercial driving licence. Auto drivers fulfilling these norms can meet the RTA officials at Madhavadhara office in VUDA colony along with passport-size photograph and Aadhaar card. RTA Deputy Transport Commissioner S.Venkateswara Rao said that there are around 50,000 autos in the district and last year 700 people lost their lives in 160 auto rickshaw accidents as against 200 fatalities in two wheeler accidents. He said that a small accident can lead to loss of human life as auto rickshaw being a three wheeler tends to lose balance easily. The maximum speed of an auto rickshaw is 30km/hr. According to rules in existence, the auto drivers should carry limited number of passengers. He said a help desk was established and the applicants would be given the forms and the staff at the desk would assist them in filling the applications. ‘We are conducting a one-hour training class on road safety and passengers’ friendly behavior before issuing the learner’s licence’, he said.

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