Distribution of LED bulbs under subsidised prices begins

9W LED bulb sold at mere Rs 20

Visakha City, October 18, 2015

LED BulbsThe distribution of LED bulbs began at Vaisakhi Jala Udyanavanam on Sunday morning. Hundreds of power consumers thronged with their electricity bills to get the bulbs at a very heavy subsidy.

The LED bulbs are being distribution at a very low cost of Rs.10 each so that people can save power by stop using incandescent bulbs that consume more power. The 9 watt LED bulbs are being give for Rs.20 each consumer after producing his ID card, two 60 watt old incandescent bulbs and a paid electricity bill. The State Energy Conservation Mission has started distribution after it launched in Guntur and Krishna districts.

The CEO OF State Energy Conservation Mission A Chandrasekhara Reddy said that so far 61 lakh LED bulbs had been distributed and more would be given to the people. He said that the response of the people is very well and expenditure on power has come down by Rs.520 crore, he said.

The Minister for Rural Development Chintakayala Ayyannapatrudu launched the distribution in the city said that Electricity Department was working had towards conservation of quality of power.

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